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Schools that offer a minimum of two years' worth of ASL instruction are eligible to form chapters of the ASLHS on campus. Interested ASL students do not join the ASLHS on an individual basis but become members of the local ASLHS chapter on their campus.

To establish an ASLHS chapter, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The high school, 2-year college, or 4-year college/university must offer a minimum of one year's worth of ASL coursework;
  2. The chapter must have an ASL teacher who is willing to sponsor the ASLHS;
  3. The ASL teacher (or "Sponsor") must be a member in good standing and remain in good standing of the American Sign Language Teachers Association;
  4. Annual chapter fees are kept current.

Chapter Dues

We've simplified our dues!

1) High school, community college, college, and university instructors WITHOUT ASLTA certification: $25.00

2) For those WITH ASLTA certification: $25.00

Note: Certification by state departments of education, interpreting groups, or other organizations is not accepted in lieu of ASLTA certification.

Chapter fees provide the majority of monies for the ASLHS Scholarship Fund for students, as well as for the ASLHS Mini-Grant Fund for teachers.

It is suggested that ASLHS charge a nominal member or induction fee to cover the chapter fee, or have the foreign language department pay the annual fee.

Frequently asked questions about membership, fees, and the ASLHS Scholarship fund may be found here.