Induction Ceremony

The ASL Honor Society has developed a model induction ceremony for use by teachers and students. The induction ceremony is fully explained in the Induction Ceremony Outline. Supporting materials, including certificate templates, a program book, and related resources are provided below.

a. The ASLHS Induction Ceremony Outline (pdf document; download)

b. ASLHS Ceremony Booklet Sample (pdf document; download)

c. ASLHS Ceremony Booklet Template, Customizable (Word document; download)

d. ASLHS Certificate #1, Customizable (Word document; download)

e. ASLHS Certificate #2, Generic Template (pdf document; download)

f. ASLHS Certificate #3, Customizable (Word document; download)

g. Official ASLHS Logo, with text (high-resolution .jpeg, download)

h. Official ASLHS Logo, without text (high-resolution .jpeg; download)

i. Preview the ASLHS Embossed Seal (see the seal)

j. Preview theASLHS Pin (see the pin)

k. View the ASLHS Pledge performed in ASL here

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